Beauty Lounge

Never stop gathering.

With its unique design, Vooqo Store makes everything about celebration — birthday parties, bachelorette parties, corporate events — better than ever. Our entire organic beauty collection, along with the vast Vooqo Color selection, is right at your fingertips.

Birthday Party

With a fresh look and enhanced features, Vooqo Store makes it easier than ever to start the party you'll never forget, bring your makeup artists, balloons, and try all our organic beauty products. Complimentary with a C$50/person gift card purchase.

Bachelorette Party

Be the first to see the bride-to-be and bridesmaids appearance you'll all love. You can also bring your wedding planners, makeup artists, balloons, and more. Complimentary with a C$50/person gift card purchase.

Corporate Party

From practicing mindfulness to reaching beauty goals, wellness keeps employees healthy and energized. Vooqo Store is designed to work seamlessly with your corporate wellness program so employees stay charming, healthy, and productive throughout the day. Give them a Vooqo Store Gift Card and they can get Vooqo organic beauty products, and an experience that lasts.  

Take Vooqo Beauty Lounge for a spin.

Experience Beauty Parties for five hours, while offering a gift to your all closest friends. A birthday party lets you enjoy all our products and all your friends. A bachelorette party lets you plan your appearances. A corporate party lets you keep your employees highly productive.