Casandra Haprian

Founder & Bio-Chemist

Casandra Haprian is the Founder and Bio-Chemist of Vooqo and serves on its Board of Directors. 


Casandra is responsible for all product formulation at Vooqo, including the look and feel of Vooqo products, packaging, major architectural projects such as Vooqo’s retail stores, as well as new product ideas and future initiatives. Since her first perfume formula in 1992, Casandra holds over 600 natural and organic formulas which are widely regarded as ones of the world’s best.


Before starting Vooqo in May 2012, Casandra was the founder of Promo Still, Operation Manager at F2 Consulting, and Research Chemist at XIX.


Casandra earned an MBA in Marketing and Management from Lucian Blaga University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry-Biology from Octavian Goga National College.