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Fashion's most wanted: Organic Lipstick | trends | Melli

Who can imagine Audrey Hepburn without lipstick? What would have been Cleopatra without lipstick?

Of all lip makeup that have been created since the beginning of time, lipstick has gone through the biggest changes to reach his nowadays form. Today, lipsticks and lip glosses of all colours and types are used regularly throughout the world, but things were not always like this. Due to the strong impact they have on the appearance and ability to seduce, lipsticks received attention from fashion designers as well as forces that have tried to restrict their use during the history. Symbol of sexuality, sensuality and eroticism, the lipstick has overcome all the obstacles: the Inquisition in the Middle Ages to the law of the British Parliament from 1770 which provided for the witchcraft trial any woman who has worn lipstick or makeup. Extensive archaeological studies have revealed that the first lipstick use occurred 5000 years ago in the territory of Mesopotamia. Considered a weapon of seduction, the lipstick has become a luxury beauty accessory in the true sense of the term, as women used to grind precious and semiprecious stones and crystals to obtain a finely ground powder which gave a special shine to the lips.

The biggest development in the production of lipstick occurred in ancient Egypt, where the entire population has embraced the concept of cosmetics not only for beauty purposes but also as a safeguard against the blazing sun and desert wind. Lipsticks have become part of the daily routine, except the poorer classes who lacked the necessary financial means to buy even the cheapest cosmetics.

At first, lipstick was made from a combination of dye extracted from algae, iodine and bromine, but because this combination was toxic, they eventually found a way to extract the carmine red. The famous Cleopatra (31-50 BC) was often seen with red coloured lips.

As history tends to repeat itself, women’s interest in non-toxic, natural and organic lipstick grows exponentially.

No 24h lipstick resistance (and then what for ... eventually you end up eating all of your lipstick!), but a slip of natural cocktail ingredients on the lips and the most important: nourishing and moisturizing properties.

If you put a big NO to leads, chemicals and non-abiding animal cause, squalene from shark fat, chemical preservatives, parabens and petroleum derived ingredients, the good news is

natural lips makeup products can be used without any fear and are an excellent substitute to conventional lipsticks.

The colour of lipstick is the detail that completes the look of a woman. But finding the right shade of lipstick can be a difficult task because there are so many shades to choose from. How to make the right choice every time and which are the hues that will fit you perfectly?

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