Our formulas deserve our best thinking.

We take the same strong approach to the ingredients that we do with our products. We are creating high-performance beauty products made only from organic, natural and mineral ingredients. We have removed all the harsh substances from our products. We've even created a better performance without the need of harsh chemicals.


Using 100 percent mineral, natural and organic ingredients is a fact.

approach - ingredients

Today, 100 percent of our products are made only with powerful ingredients, and even sustainable packaging. And we're constantly looking for ways to find the best formulations and to achieve the best makeup and skin care results. 

We believe acne, irritation, and rosacea are some of the biggest concerns when come about using traditional cosmetics. So we want to make sure we're protecting and creating more sustainable ways for all your beauty needs.

Non-comedogenic, anti-inflammatory, soothing, anti-acne, antioxidant, and high performance are just some of the cosmetic properties we are proud of. As well as repairing skin, prevention of epidermal lipid peroxidation and boosting collagen properties for all our beauty products.


Safer Cosmetics

Harsh Chemicals don't belong in

our products or our processes.

We have two really good reasons to remove toxins from beauty products: you and the planet. Many substances commonly used in makeup cosmetic industry can be harmful to people or the planet. So we've created our beauty collections with organic, natural and mineral ingredients to reduce and eliminate these toxins. And we hold our suppliers accountable - we test makeup ingredients with independent laboratories and verify the results. We believe that is our duty to leave the world better then we found it.

Parabens - FREE
Sulfates - FREE
Gluten - FREE
Syntheti fragrances - FREE
Petrochemicals - FREE
Phthalates - FREE
Triclosan - FREE
Methicone - FREE
Camphor, Formaldehyde,
Dibutyl Phthalate, 
Formaldehyde Resin, Toluen,
Camphors, Ethyl Tosylamids, Xylenes, 
Triphenyl Phosphates, and Dye.
Ten - FREE


Here’s what we’re doing. And how we’re doing.

Beauty is at the heart of everything we do at Vooqo, and that extends to our commitment to using only natural and organic beauty ingredients for our products. We believe our formulas deserves our best thinking. So we’re constantly striving to create the most performant organic beauty products with effective ingredients from every corner of the world—whether it’s a new line of organic beauty products, sustainable packaging, or products that eliminate harmful substances like parabens, gluten or methicon. And while we are proud that our beauty products are natural and safe, and can be worn by every woman, we know we can still do better.


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